Saturday, November 5, 2016

Control Your Clock

It's that time of the year again! Whenever October hits, I typically say "time goes by so fast! It needs to slow the heck down!"Happened this year too. Wait, I've only started complaining about the stinginess of time when I realized that I did not accomplish the goals that I set for myself. I had a time limit to accomplish a list of goals, but failed to follow through. I was disappointed... felt like something wasn't right, something didn't go as planned, something was missing! This shows that I need to stop complaining about time. Instead, I need to focus on my goals by sticking to them, and of course, develop better time management. The essence of time will never change, but our thoughts change from time to time.

Skimming through my blog, I reflect on many unpublished blogs. They're unpublished because I began with a few sentences then had no idea how to continue or end it. Figured my mind would ring some bell the next day. Nope, never even bothered. I'm saying these not because I have readers, but because one's actions tell a lot about who they are. Aristotle once said that we are what we do continuously. Reasoning is the 'doing' that he is referring too. However, I applied his philosophy to a different level. What we continuously do and not do tell a lot about our character. What do you call someone who lies a lot? Liar. Someone who forgets a lot? Forgetful. And you get the idea.

I noticed that there are many instances where I say I will do or not do something but end up with the contradictory. No coffee for a week... Nope, couldn't go two days without it. Perhaps I'm lacking self-control, but a better description is 'lack of ambition'. Girls night on Thursday hooray!!! Thursday hits, "oh no, I hope all of the girls have forgotten that today's GNO!" Don't even want to make an effort to cancel or reschedule. This shows my lack of responsibility. So, time to fix my lack of ambition and lack of responsibility! In the end of the day, blame myself for what hasn't been done, and not on time!

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