Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mommy Blog- Podee's Hands-Free Bottle Review

I have wished there was a bottle like this before knowing such a thing even existed. I first saw it on a Facebook ad and told myself that I ought to get it for Jet even though he already has enough bottles. I predicted that with this, Jet would be less fussy during car rides. I also thought that it would train him to hold a bottle on his own quicker, thus allowing him to be more independent (bottle-holding wise). I'm quite concerned about the latter because he cannot hold a bottle on his own yet-- he would hold it for a few seconds and then let go-- I'm assuming he's just being lazy and dependent, but could this even be the case? Or perhaps it's my problem for not letting him practice enough?

In general, I expected this bottle to simplify things. Unfortunately, this did not work for us. I don't blame its quality though, but it just doesn't suit babies who are overly active, i.e. whose hands are always reaching for and grabbing things. When using this, I still have to hold it for Jet [in a feeding position], otherwise he'll spit out the nipple or pull/ grab the straw. In most cases, he does it all. Podia's hands-free bottle's nipple acts like a pacifier, but  I have never given Jet a pacifier due to sanitary and teeth concerns, as well as becoming a long-term habit. He's now almost 8 months, and judging from the way he treats this bottle, giving him a pacifier to soothe his fussiness now would not be a solution. I definitely left out this fact when getting this bottle. I also find the straw of this bottle difficult to clean.

Aside from the negatives, there are more positive reviews on Podee's hands-free bottle than the contrary. So I guess our situation is just a rare one. If this bottle works for your baby, it will make more room in your schedule.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mommy blog- No Shoes for Baby Jet... just yet

A good read to change my mind on shoe shopping for Jet... just yet. Baby shoes are so adorable, but according to this article, it is best to hold off until the little one is ready to take their first steps. Meanwhile, there will be no baby converse for Jet :(

My son turned 7 months this week. He's a quick mobile learner and extremely active. He mastered crawling, sitting and standing (with furniture assistance) before 6 months, so I'm anticipating him to stand hands-free pretty soon, and to walk in no time. I wish everything in the house was soft and edge-free AKA baby friendly, but this is not 100% possible. He spends most of the time indoors, on the carpet, but my little explorer likes to take advantage of his superpower and crawl all over the place.

He owns one pair of chucks, which are a little loose on him anyways so they're just sitting on the shelves now. The reason I wanted him to wear shoes was to complete his outfit-- looking put together. Okay, I admit, and they're just simply adorable! Then I figured that he doesn't need them now since he spends most of his time in the house and he doesn't need to look **put together**... he's just a baby! Plus, the article I read helped me finalize my decision.

In the meantime, I am shopping for toys that will keep a baby busy/ amused for a longer period of time. My boy would rather play with my phone and the furniture AND everything that I say no to. He does not seem into his toys at all, no matter how colorful they are and what melody they make.