Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Body- Pre and Post Pregnancy

Prior to giving birth, I was never worried about my body, my weight, despite all the constructive comments pointed at my skinniness. Those comments occurred before I started showing of course. However, my body mass was also way below the healthy range. I accumulated approx 45 pounds throughout my pregnancy-- from 93 to 138. My current weight is 120 and it has been almost two months after birth. I feel fat, nonetheless, my BMI is considered healthy for my age and height. I am still a size xs, which I am very thankful for. I don't look fat, but 93 and 120 is a huge difference. My goal is to go down to 105, but in a healthy way.

I was extraordinarily cautious in my food intake throughout my pregnancy- healthy fetal development was vital. Still, I lacked fruits and vegetables because I thought I had absorbed enough of those nutrients (folic acid) from my prenatal vitamins. I developed this extremely dark line down my stomach and it hasn't faded yet... a bit worried. I have never witnessed this, but my physician told me that some women develop that line on their face. Supposedly, it will disappear a few months after giving birth to the first baby, but after the third one, "FORGET IT", he (my physician) said.

I have also been hesitant to eat cold food, including beverages, after giving birth. I used to drink iced coffee/ tea almost every morning/ day prior to giving birth. In fact, warm beverages were off my list, but I am more cautious to what I consume now. I also switched to an all-organic diet. As much as I want a Starbucks mocha frappucino or a mango Jamba smoothie in this 100- degree temperature, I thank my son for giving me the motivation to stay away. In order for my son to lead a healthy lifestyle, I must start first. And aside from my other expectations for him, a healthy lifestyle is NUMBER 1 on the list.

Other than having a dark line down my belly, I also gained fat there. It's one of the most dangerous fats in that it is the hardest to rid. My initially plan was to burn it and flat it by doing more sit-ups than I can handle without losing my breath (emphasis), but before trying, I found out that it's not going to work-- NO. My next plan is to sign up for gym membership and take advantage of the group classes.