Sunday, March 30, 2014

Newborn Shoot

Jet's first photoshoot. These were taken at the hospital and he was 2 days old. I plan on doing another shoot when he turns 6 months.

I'm falling more in love with this little guy each and every day <3

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Post-partum Recovery

Although I do not believe in Chinese confinement, being the good girl that I try to be, I am obeying my mother by following the traditional one month confinement. Well, I break many rules though, but I eat the 30-day confinement cuisine. I ordered the meals, but I don't believe that they're healthy due to their presentation. Traditionally, you cannot shower, bathe, and wash your hair for a whole month. However, I shower daily but I don't wash my hair. I have to debate and nag with my mom whenever my hair gets itchy and oily. In general, I believe in eating healthy. And of course, numerous other rules apply for this confinement theory. So while all my friends are playing in the nice hot weather, I am stuck at home not being able to wash my hair T_T

After doing much research in placentophagy, I decided to have my placenta turned into pills. Although not scientifically proven, many moms have reported positive results such as quicker and more milk supply, more energy, quicker recovery, etc. My placenta specialist adviced me to take two pills twice a day, morning and evening. I followed my instincts and take only 2 every morning, that's it. I experience more energy and a little boost in milk supply, but not being able to sleep throughout the day swells my eyes.

I gained 45 pounds throughout my pregnancy and have 20 more pounds to lose, which will put me at 100. After this recovery, I will start hitting the gym again, mainly for the yoga classes. I never liked my pre-pregnancy body anyway because I was too skinny; I was underweight and it wasn't the least bit attractive to be short and too skinny.

So far, the most challenging parts of being a mom are waking up in the middle of the night (1AM and 4AM for me) to the baby's cry, which means breastfeeding time. Once you have a child, it's impossible to be selfish and put yourself first. It's also guilty to be a lazyass that I used to be so comfortable being. Once you have a child, you're no longer the center of attention in your family and you can't be jealous. As much as I try to balance the dedication I put in school, work and my son, MY SON will always be first. It's an instinct.

So not in maternity clothes
36-Week Maternity Shoot