Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Any Time Now...

Can be any time from now to three more weeks. Either or, I AM PREPARED. At this point, heartburns are extremely severe. I don't think they're in any way harmful, just very uncomfortable. I take probiotics every morning before breakfast, followed by a glass of warm water to prevent heartburns, but they only trick me into thinking that it's helpful. Then my doctor recommended me to take it again before dinner, but I only did it once. I'm almost there, so I'll just deal with it. A natural remedy is to stay away from rich foods and to eat several small meals throughout the day rather than the traditional BLD (breakfast, lunch, dinner). What works best for me is to drink something cold/icy. I know I sound ridiculous, but it cools the burns.

Salmon is the healthiest choice of fish due to its richness in omega 3 and complimentary goodies that aren't to my knowledge, but it's not my favorite fish. So, I substitute that with fish oil (bottom right). These fish oils are badass but they give me instant heartburns, whether I chew on them or take them with water.

Left: Probiotics
Right: Fish Oil

I have been staying at about 138 pounds this month and I don't think I will gain anymore... I still get hungry quickly, but my petite body can only handle so much weight. Total weight gain during these months is about 45 pounds, which is above average. I hope to be 105 after recovery.

My poor legs are suffering from the upper body weight, making walking difficult, especially those myriad night time bathroom trips. Recently, my fingers have been feeling swollen and they are numb every morning, but the numbness fades away quickly. My feet are also somewhat swollen, but very minor.

Some may argue that it's too risky and dangerous, but I am still a daily driver. I don't drive far and I only drive when needed. The worst that can happen is pulling over and dialing 911.

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