Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A change is not a change unless you change- Fitness, Health version

No, that's not where I place my coffee; I set it there for photo purpose only.

Every month, my goal is to spend the rest of the month with no coffee. I always see myself more of a tea than coffee person, but I can't control my Starbucks trips. What tea lover doesn't love a grande green tea frappuccino, right? But who goes there to get tea? After all, it's Starbucks Coffee-- I usually order their coffee-- mocha frap, caramel frap, white mocha frap and not limited to light vanilla latte! When I am not at a cafe/ dim sum spot in the morning, I substitute cappuccinos and frappuccinos for breakfast... how bad is that?! Bottom line is, you should never solely drink coffee for breakfast, at least have a baguette with it! Sometimes I grab a sausage mcgriddle or burrito plus orange juice from Mcdonalds, but how boring is that! It's convenient, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it should be the most enjoyable one. Well, dinner too. Sorry, MCD.

So, back to coffee.....
I have no problem going weeks without it, and when I do, I experience healthy changes. My skin is whiter and my teeth is brighter! So what's the problem? I'm trying to develop the habit of consuming fruits and veggies, but I constantly find myself in the game of hide and seek. Worse yet, chewing an apple gives my teeth shivers and my body chills. Hence why I hate hearing "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Milk is also not a part of my daily nutrition. Sure, I can't handle coffee without several cups of milk, but it's just not the same. Even chocolate milk is a better choice. I have no problem being a carnivore though-- although I'm a picky eater, I know how I want my meat cooked/prepared. However, a risk-free diet shall be a combination of protein and fiber. In order to construct a reliable, fit body, I need to change my lifestyle first. Merely eating will not do the magic-- your lifestyle (outside of food) does impact what, when and how you eat.

Start smoothly, and slowly build up and improve, all else will follow...
1) Do not procrastinate. When I wait till the last second to do my assignment, I stress out and lose much sleep.
2) Wake up an hour earlier. I usually rise at 8, but that extra hour will allow enough time to get some exercise done-- ie. walk my dog or 20 minutes of yoga
3) Always eat a healthy breakfast. Whether it's home-prepared or dine-out, have adequate fiber.
4) Carry snacks to work. Nothing equivalent to lays or cheetos, but nothing dull like caesar salad and plain apple. But more like fruit & nut granola bars, hard- boiled eggs, home-made fruit parfait, more TBD.
5) Reduce online shopping. Some of us use the internet to watch movies, but I waste my time shopping on there. It's getting easier and easier! You get access to almost everything in one screen! With the internet and my laptop, I can shop while in my pajamas, at work, in class (when electronics are allowed) and even on the toilet. This act is harmful to my eyes, however. Why should I spend hours sitting tightly in front of the screen when I can just drive down to the mall? Not to mention the walks I receive too. While on this subject, let me throw in that I should stay at least 2 feet away from the screen.

These are my aims for now. Like I said, all else will follow. Time to get myself a bottle of water...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Don't get it-- Starbucks Edition

Skinny Mocha with 5 pumps syrup and 1.5 shots. It tasted no worse than dark chocolate with a pinch of coffee... potty time. I usually stick with their frappuccinos, which never turn out wrong in my opinion. The contraries always turn out too strong or too sweet, and other times, bitter, unless I suggest modifications... typical western tastes.