Saturday, November 5, 2016

Control Your Clock

It's that time of the year again! Whenever October hits, I typically say "time goes by so fast! It needs to slow the heck down!"Happened this year too. Wait, I've only started complaining about the stinginess of time when I realized that I did not accomplish the goals that I set for myself. I had a time limit to accomplish a list of goals, but failed to follow through. I was disappointed... felt like something wasn't right, something didn't go as planned, something was missing! This shows that I need to stop complaining about time. Instead, I need to focus on my goals by sticking to them, and of course, develop better time management. The essence of time will never change, but our thoughts change from time to time.

Skimming through my blog, I reflect on many unpublished blogs. They're unpublished because I began with a few sentences then had no idea how to continue or end it. Figured my mind would ring some bell the next day. Nope, never even bothered. I'm saying these not because I have readers, but because one's actions tell a lot about who they are. Aristotle once said that we are what we do continuously. Reasoning is the 'doing' that he is referring too. However, I applied his philosophy to a different level. What we continuously do and not do tell a lot about our character. What do you call someone who lies a lot? Liar. Someone who forgets a lot? Forgetful. And you get the idea.

I noticed that there are many instances where I say I will do or not do something but end up with the contradictory. No coffee for a week... Nope, couldn't go two days without it. Perhaps I'm lacking self-control, but a better description is 'lack of ambition'. Girls night on Thursday hooray!!! Thursday hits, "oh no, I hope all of the girls have forgotten that today's GNO!" Don't even want to make an effort to cancel or reschedule. This shows my lack of responsibility. So, time to fix my lack of ambition and lack of responsibility! In the end of the day, blame myself for what hasn't been done, and not on time!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Late Post- Quarter Century Birthday treats

I used to celebrate my birthday by going somewhere nice with friends. This year, I decided not to do anything out of the ordinary, but my friends said otherwise. Thank you all for celebrating with me. It was raining elephants and freezing that day. Road condition was extremely unsafe, yet you guys still drove down and showed up with big smiles. I love you guys! Thank you all for the unforgettable evening.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jet's Birthday Planning Inspirations

I have been wanting to plan Jet's birthday bash for the longest time, but was hesitant because I wasn't sure whether I should keep it family confidential or invite some friends over to celebrate together. The latter will be a lot more work, while keeping it family confidential will allow me to give more attention to Jet. I just feel that the party should be more centered on Jet and not myself. Either way, Jet is getting a birthday cake and I will make sure that he stays entertained. Today will be dedicated to planning my son's one-year-old birthday bash, which takes place in two weeks. I hope that by the time I finish this blog, the event will be 90% planned out so I could start shopping for supplies and turning everything into reality.

Baby Jet Had a Farm will be the theme. Yup, I borrowed that from Old MacDonald Had a Farm ;) My son has loved that song since the first time he heard it and he could listen to it on repeat. There will be a smash cake explicitly for Jet and that messy process will be captured on camera. A themed cake for the guests to enjoy will be present as well. I'm not too big on decorations because I am the last person that you want decor advice from! I will try though, and at the same time stick with simplicity. Food? Barbecue & veggie skewers! Ironic, huh?

Cake inspirations???
Possible smash cake?

I love the bright colors here!

This would be perfect for Jet's smash cake! Plus, it's the year of the sheep.

It's very difficult to find a baker who can bake the cake exactly the way I want it, and my expectations  aren't too high either. I want a sugar-free smash cake, or at least one with low sweetness level. I inquired several bakeries, but they either cannot control the sugar level or they cannot custom make cakes. I almost gave up and decided to go with a pre-made cake. Luckily, I found a bakery (Cake Sensations) who does custom cakes and could have it done by the date I need it. I am new to this process, and I heard that depending on the cake's details, weeks or months' notice is required.

I will end here and actually start preparing ahead now. Everything is last minute, but I am positive that Jet will have a great time!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Best Baby Bottle

I have experimented with several brands starting with Tommee Tippee, but it was not suitable for my baby, and the measurements on the bottle started to fade after several attempts at warming it in hot water. IMO, it was also difficult to hold and clean due to its shape. I then decided to go with Dr. Brown's 4-ounce glass bottles. I searched for glass baby bottles, and this brand instantly popped up. Since, TP has been in the cabinet. However, it (Tommee Tippee)is the best looking bottle out of the ones that are mentioned in this post.

Dr. Brown's glass bottles are amazing. They are sturdy and easy to clean. Its measurements are engraved so you won't have to worry about the numbers fading. Glass also warms up much quicker than plastic, which is a thumbs up for me because I heat up my bottles in hot water, and I am impatient. I liked these bottles so much that I purchased the 9 ounce when my baby could handle more milk. Couple of months later, however, leaking started. At first, it was a little, but it gradually built up. I could not stand it. That's when I began to use the Philips AVENT bottles gifted to me.

Contrary to some reviews about spilling, I never had this problem. Like most bottles, AVENT bottles come in 4-ounce and 9-ounce sizes. Like Tommee Tippee, I thought the measurements would fade, but I was wrong. Till this day, I am still using AVENT for my baby.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mommy Blog- Podee's Hands-Free Bottle Review

I have wished there was a bottle like this before knowing such a thing even existed. I first saw it on a Facebook ad and told myself that I ought to get it for Jet even though he already has enough bottles. I predicted that with this, Jet would be less fussy during car rides. I also thought that it would train him to hold a bottle on his own quicker, thus allowing him to be more independent (bottle-holding wise). I'm quite concerned about the latter because he cannot hold a bottle on his own yet-- he would hold it for a few seconds and then let go-- I'm assuming he's just being lazy and dependent, but could this even be the case? Or perhaps it's my problem for not letting him practice enough?

In general, I expected this bottle to simplify things. Unfortunately, this did not work for us. I don't blame its quality though, but it just doesn't suit babies who are overly active, i.e. whose hands are always reaching for and grabbing things. When using this, I still have to hold it for Jet [in a feeding position], otherwise he'll spit out the nipple or pull/ grab the straw. In most cases, he does it all. Podia's hands-free bottle's nipple acts like a pacifier, but  I have never given Jet a pacifier due to sanitary and teeth concerns, as well as becoming a long-term habit. He's now almost 8 months, and judging from the way he treats this bottle, giving him a pacifier to soothe his fussiness now would not be a solution. I definitely left out this fact when getting this bottle. I also find the straw of this bottle difficult to clean.

Aside from the negatives, there are more positive reviews on Podee's hands-free bottle than the contrary. So I guess our situation is just a rare one. If this bottle works for your baby, it will make more room in your schedule.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mommy blog- No Shoes for Baby Jet... just yet

A good read to change my mind on shoe shopping for Jet... just yet. Baby shoes are so adorable, but according to this article, it is best to hold off until the little one is ready to take their first steps. Meanwhile, there will be no baby converse for Jet :(

My son turned 7 months this week. He's a quick mobile learner and extremely active. He mastered crawling, sitting and standing (with furniture assistance) before 6 months, so I'm anticipating him to stand hands-free pretty soon, and to walk in no time. I wish everything in the house was soft and edge-free AKA baby friendly, but this is not 100% possible. He spends most of the time indoors, on the carpet, but my little explorer likes to take advantage of his superpower and crawl all over the place.

He owns one pair of chucks, which are a little loose on him anyways so they're just sitting on the shelves now. The reason I wanted him to wear shoes was to complete his outfit-- looking put together. Okay, I admit, and they're just simply adorable! Then I figured that he doesn't need them now since he spends most of his time in the house and he doesn't need to look **put together**... he's just a baby! Plus, the article I read helped me finalize my decision.

In the meantime, I am shopping for toys that will keep a baby busy/ amused for a longer period of time. My boy would rather play with my phone and the furniture AND everything that I say no to. He does not seem into his toys at all, no matter how colorful they are and what melody they make.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Labor and Delivery Story

Long version short, I have a new job. I'm a mom.
I delivered at the Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, CA

My delivery room
Difficult to get anywhere (restroom) with the IV attached to me

On my March 4th doctor's appointment, my doctor insisted that I go into labor that day. I was 39 weeks then. At first, I was neglectful because I wanted an all natural birth, but I had to go into labor in order to prevent a c-section; I could not wait another week. I got to the hospital around 2pm and was quickly put in the delivery room with the IV attached. Then, my doctor used an instrument to break my water (6:45pm). That was the messiest process and it did not get my contractions to start. Later that day, I was given oxytocin to start my contractions since breaking my water didn't do the job. Those were painful-- the contractions felt like menstrual cramps times fifty. 

I was in great, uncomfortable pain the whole night and it lasted all the way until the epidural, which was the next day at about 10am. At 1:30pm, my doctor finally gave me the OKAY to push.

I had my beautiful healthy baby boy on March 5 at 2:25pm. He weighed 7.67 pounds and was 20.5 inches long. My physician said the baby's size is relative to its mother's size. At 5'2 and 90 pounds (prior pregnancy), kudos to me for delivering a baby that size. I gained about 50 pounds throughout pregnancy and lost about 25 pounds first day postpartum. I didn't look fat. I received compliments that I looked better than before.